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Rod Pritchard: Goals to Success

 Have you ever heard someone say, “I get along with people and I love to talk” as their reasoning behind a desire to work in public relations?


On Wednesday Oct. 1 Rod Pritchard, the marketing and public relations director at Coe College, debunked this and many other myths commonly held in public relations.


Pritchard, whose previously worked as a farm broadcaster, in local cable television sports and as a marketing and communications director for various companies, reiterated that public relations is still very much about some key skills.


Though many relate the field to special events, easy work, and shaking hands, Pritchard stressed near perfect written and oral communication skills though he said networking is critical.


“Developing relationships is key,” Pritchard said. “Be responsive. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so, but promise to get back to them.”


Experiences abroad as a worldwide marketing coordinator taught Pritchard a lesson about being aware of his surroundings.


“Foreigners generally know a whole lot more about Americans than we do about them,” he said. “To be a leader in a changing world, take advantage of college opportunities.”


These opportunities include: foreign language classes of which he suggested Spanish, travelling abroad, internships, and cultural programs on campus.


“You are at a time in your life when you have unlimited opportunities in front of you – both professional and personal,” Pritchard said. “Be sure and take advantage of them!”


Pritchard left the group with a final thought from Confucius “Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life.”


Ten Important Things to Keep in Mind For Your Future

1)      A positive attitude is essential for success.

2)      Develop excellent written and oral communications skills.

3)      Networking is critical.

4)      Take advantage of opportunities to get real world experience.

5)      Understand that it is truly a worldwide economy.

6)      Develop goals and work toward them.

7)      Think about obtaining advanced degrees.

8 )     Your first job can be very important in determining your career path.

9)      Your personal happiness will, in large measure, be determined by whom you choose to spend your time with.

10)  Seek a profession for which you have a passion.

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