Chapter Events/Updates

A Fundraiser with sprinkles on top!

by Tina Larson 

Our first fundraising event was held on Tuesday, August 26th at the Coldstone Creamery downtown on the corner of Dubuque St. & Washington.  We had several members volunteer to work behind the counter and raise some much needed money for our chapter. 




Special thanks to: Brittany Wichtendahl, Tegan Zimmerman, Stephanie Block, Tina Larson, Gloria Hurtado, Carla Keppler, Caroline Jones, Cara Adams, Melissa Rasper, Megan McIntyre, Aly Dolan and Genevieve Krier. These enthusiastic members took orders behind the counter, passed out samples and also recruited people from outside to come in for a delicious snack.  Some Firm members also stood outside passing out OurCampus360 promotional items, including calendars and t-shirts.




The fundraiser lasted from 5-9 p.m. with members working 2 hour shifts. We were given a percentage of all the sales during the four hours and also the tips.

   This fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to the members who volunteered and to the beautiful weather! If you missed out on this fundraiser, make sure to sign up for upcoming fundraisers. The money from all these events go to agency tours, banquets and other events throughout the year.

 Editor’s note: We are currently planning fundraisers for the Spring semester. Contact Carla Keppler for more information and to get involved!



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