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Personality Characteristics needed in Public Relations

By Shannon Kane

The Regional PRSSA Conference held in Chicago this year was a great success.  They called it, “Taste of Chicago PR.” Ot was held in the heart of the city at the DePaul campus.  This event was hosted by both Valparaiso University and DePaul University.

The day started off with a greeting and keynote speaker.  The woman who spoke entered the room with an air of confidence and experience making everyone pay full attention.  Her name is Cheryl Procter-Rogers, and she has an impressive history within the PR field.  Currently she owns her own PR firm, A Step Ahead Public Relations.  With more than 29 years experience within the field, she also served as the president of PRSA in 2006.

After briefly telling us about her history, she thought it was most important to help shape our future.  This is where she went into the personality characteristics someone would need when working in the public relations field.  She was honest, up front, and dead on in the things she considers important in future PR professionals.

1)  Make good judgements

2) Have strong written and verbal communication skills

3) Have strong negotiation skills

4) Enhance your listening skills

5) Exude personal confidence

6) Work well under pressure

7) Have the ability to embrace diversity and be sensitive to it

8)  Have a commitment to lifelong learning

Practicing and improving upon each of these skills makes her confident that we will grow into experienced and professional PR experts in the future.  Her story and tips were truely inspiring to the conference participants, knowing that with hard work and dedication, we can all achieve many successes in our future. She left us with a quote to not only live by but to work by, “one is limited only by ones imagination.”


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