Chapter Events/Updates

Attending a Regional Conference

The “Taste of Chicago PR” regional activity was a great learning experience for our chapter as a whole. This kind of exposure allows our members to grow and refine key skills needed to be successful. So first of all, Congrats to everyone who attended! I hope you had an amazing time, as I know I did!

The very first thing I noticed upon arrival was how organized this event was. It is always a great feeling to walk into an unknown environment and have a good handle on what your day will consist of. Throughout the day we listened to speakers and got to do some hands on networking. In public relations networking is the most important skill to have! You most learn how to promote yourself before you will be successful at promoting others! This can be done through face-to-face interactions, as we experienced through a networking game and from the career and internship fair, or through social medias, as with Twitter. Just remember to get your name out there!

We also participated in three workshops that featured interviewing skills, resume refining and how to put together a great portfolio. These are all very important in order to get your foot in the door for that one perfect job! I think the best advice to give would be to put in it as much as you want out of it. Time and preparation really show!

Overall this was a very beneficial experience! Hopefully I have inspired others to get involved and participate in a regional conference also. I really can’t stress enough how fun and helpful this activity was!

Megan McIntyre


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