Tips to land and maintain your first internship.

Be Prepared

Come prepared with knowledge and questions about the company or organization.

Having no questions at all looks like you are not interested in the company, and may also seem like you are not interesting yourself!

Asking the wrong question makes you look unprepared. For example, never ask “What does this company do.” This should already be clear to you, since you should have done research!

Stand Out

Show your unique abilities and qualifications.

Not everyone will have the same information on their resume. So showcase what will stand out to an employer.

Be Confident

No one knows what to expect for the interview or for the first day of an internship.

So have an open mind, be prepared for anything, and be open to perform any task asked of you.

Don’t limit your work to one person. You may be hired by one individual, but don’t pass up opportunities to learn from other people who work in the same area as you. Who knows you may learn something truly valuable!


You will be given a rundown of what your daily tasks will be and how work is conducted in that particular company. You should only have to be explained this once. So if you need to, take notes and write it down. You don’t want to become known as the undependable intern!

Make sure you understand what your tasks are. If you have questions, ask them! Then you won’t need to verify things later to make sure you performed the task correctly.

Stay Organized

Don’t let the daily tasks bury you. Learn to multitask, and work on your feet!

Make a list of tasks that need to be completely daily.

Make a media guide to stay on top of things. Compile a list of all of the news sources you send releases and other news briefs to. This list should consist of addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and any other special instructions. This will come in handy when it comes time to send out releases, as you will have all of the information in one location.

If you are working on multiple tasks at a time it may be beneficial to make a release calendar. This would keep you on track for when things should be completed and released by.

Enjoy Your Experience

Internships are a once and a lifetime event. No two people will ever have the same internship experience. Everyone will bring something into an internship and they will leave with something as well.

Above everything else, live in the moment and learn as much as possible. You were given an opportunity to show your skills, so work hard and improve as much as you can!

–By Megan McIntyre

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