What Not to Do at an Internship

By Natalie Dubs


…Leave Early

..even when the boss says it’s okay. It’s never a good idea when you’re trying to prove yourself to the “real world” to take the first opportunity you get to bolt. The sun may be shinning, and your friends may be at the beach, but you signed up to prove yourself as a young professional. The stakes are set higher now than ever for interns, because the amount of people willing to intern in this economy is growing. You want to make them proud to have you, and even snag that recommendation letter at the end.

…Take Long lunches

You never want to be away from your desk for too long when you’re an intern. You never know when an opportunity may come up where it’s between you and another person and just because you’re the first one your boss sees, you get to do it. It’s happened to me and has given me more avenues to demonstrate my abilities and willingness to work and be successful

…Say “no”

NEVER SAY NO. (on a serious note, unless it’s unrealistic or inappropriate) You want to prove that you’re there to gain as much experience as they will allow. Push the boundaries a little. If your boss asks you to do something, whether it be running to Kinkos or putting together a quarterly review- never turn down an opportunity. As boring as the task may sound it will accomplish one of two things:

  1. Set you ahead of the game
  2. Give you knowledge of something you didn’t have before


Never talk bad about employees to employees, or anyone for that matter. You never know who is talking to who, who may be best friends with who. A lot of things go full circle in corporations and it’s almost a guarantee that someone above you, or the actual person will hear about it. Not only will it damage your reputation, but it may also hinder your work and the opportunities you get.

…Dress Sloppy

We all have days where we’d rather roll out of bed and stay in our pajamas all day, this is not the time. Wake up a couple minutes early to leave yourself some extra time to be lazy in the mornings. The sloppier you look, the less professional people will perceive you as, and that is the last thing you’re trying to accomplish with this internship.

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