Preparing for the “Real World”

By: Shannon Kane

As a senior, I know from firsthand experience how difficult it can be to balance school, job searching, student organizations, and still having time for relaxation and fun.  Along with all of these duties comes the looming future of being done with college and moving in to a completely new and unsure part of our lives.  Here are a few tips to get your job searching on track:

Block out times for certain tasks: Pick one or two times a week to devote to working on your resume, cover letter, or applying for jobs.  It is easy to let this duty slide with everything else going on.  Make sure you start preparing and applying early.

Take advantage of the Pomerantz Career Center: Whether it be meeting with a Peer Advisor to spruce up your resume or meeting with a Career Advisor to devise a job searching plan, just get there.  Don’t underestimate Mock Interviews and Roadtrips either, which give you practice, knowledge, and opportunities for professional networking.

Ask for advice: Many of us have had internships or jobs throughout college.  Just because these may have only lasted for a semester doesn’t mean you can’t still learn from those you worked with.  Stay in touch with your old bosses or co-workers.  These people can be valuable resources to you when you need advice on where to be looking for jobs, salary negotiation, or even just to give you their perspective on the workforce we will all soon be entering.

Finally, just breathe!: This is a very overwhelming but exciting time.  While it may be stressful applying to so many places or not having an idea where you will be working next year, enjoy the process.   Having a fresh start and embarking on our careers is exciting, so keep this in mind during times of stress.


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