“Keep calm and carry on”


I have many personal mantras in life, but perhaps the one I’ve been repeating most often lately is: Keep calm and carry on. Originally created as a phrase to boost the morale of British troops during WWII, there is now an entire website dedicated to merchandising the phrase ( there’s no question that the one adjective to constantly describe a college student is “busy.” With academic goals, a job or two, the pressures of finding or having an internship to build relevant work experience, involvement in clubs, AND trying to find time to stay sane with your friends, “busy” is a gross understatement. In the midst of these other great posts with tips, grammar reminders, dos and don’ts for the workplace, I wanted to bring you this message: breathe. In my last year at Iowa, I find myself juggling more than ever, probably spread almost too thin. Classes are beginning to take a backseat to my job and internship, and even when I’ve accomplished enough for those, sleep seems to always trump homework. While involvement in PRSSA and racking up accomplishments during school are great , there need to be times when it’s ok to step back and realize you can’t do everything. “No” is a completely acceptable answer when you’re asked to take on something you really don’t have time for, and I am a firm believer in mental health days. Keeping calm and carrying on is about realizing that there are only 24 hours in every day– that your particular bad day won’t actually stretch on into forever, even though it sure seems like it. It’s about accepting that the sun will rise tomorrow whether you have that paper finished or not, and knowing that even on the worst day at work, you will eventually get to go home. Hard work is something to be valued and rewarded, but remember to occasionally pump the brakes and just be still. Personally, I like to watch Jersey Shore, bake cupcakes, or occasionally be truant from my most dreaded class. However you unwind, don’t feel guilty. Even rock stars take days or weeks off when they’re touring the world and you, my fellow PRSSA members, are all rock stars.

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