Tweeting and Bieber Fever

By: Janessa Hageman
Tweet, tweet, tweet and tweet some more. That is the advice I have for you today. Currently, I am an avid fan of Twitter. However, a year ago when it was required for a class, I thought it may have been the dumbest thing to hit social media, yet. Some of you reading this are probably going to say, “You were right,” but I am here to prove that statement wrong. Twitter is something that can be used to everyone’s benefits if used appropriately.
The reason I find Twitter something worthwhile to use, is that you can find a lot of intriguing information all conveniently in one place. It allows people to share news stories, opinions, and just random facts in peoples’ days all in one central location. If you are a J-school student, I am sure you cannot even count the number of times you have been told to know the news around you, and I find that Twitter is another way to do this in our hectic lives. Following your favorite news outlets is a great way to get a hold of articles, videos, blogs, etc. that you may have never found before. I realized this a couple weeks ago when I was at my job and someone in the office was talking about a study I had actually heard about via Twitter and was able to join in on the conversation. In the end, it allowed me to gain better connections with the other staff members in the office by showing I was just not there to be “that girl that answers the phone.”
Another wonderful thing about Twitter is that you can find a lot of career advice. There are many people out there posting articles about how to make your resume shine or how to write effective press releases. This information (if following the right people) can be of great use and give you a leg up on future situations. Also, for those of you trying to find a job or internship there are postings on Twitter for that! It is just another way to find those opportunities out there.
Lastly, Twitter can be a great way to brand you. Having a Twitter account, one, puts another hit for you Google. Next, it shows that you are on top of social media and that you know how to work it. And it allows you to add opinions about subjects and network with people across the country. We all have probably heard about Justin Bieber, I will leave my remarks to myself, but I will give him a gold star in that he has been able to brand and gain fans by Twitter. Three percent of the servers for Twitter are dedicated to Justin Bieber. Well none of us may compare ourselves to Bieber, but we can learn a lesson from him on how you can get your name out there and connect with other people.
In the end, I am no perfect user of Twitter; I tweet information that is not always jaw-dropping or educational, and I follow the Jersey Shore cast, but in our world where I over hear the phrase “brand yourself” day to day, motivational speech after motivational speech, I think Twitter is worth a try.
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