Love Your Life

Melissa Rasper

Love the life you live. You may be in school right now, working your butt off day-and-night just to keep good grades but it’s important to remember to breathe. Remember to hang out with your friends, roommates, and family. Honestly, your book will still be there if you take a break to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl and drink some coffee. It’s important to keep up with your schoolwork, but it’s just as important to enjoy the time you have while you’re in school. I have friends who are recent graduates and that’s some of the best advice that they give, to understand that you are only in school for four years (sometimes more) so make sure you enjoy it. There are plenty of events going on around campus to get involved in.

Our PRSSA group is just one of the ways to meet people and make new friends by attending the socials, getting involved with insPiRe, and volunteering. You can also join other student orgs or find a job on or off-campus and most likely they will be college students. All I’m saying is schoolwork should not be the only important thing while you’re here make sure that you love your life and the people in it.

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