The Next Best Thing

By Melissa Nelson

Since the first day of college, I have constantly heard these words, “to get a job you need experience.” Of course when most of us hear those words we think, internship, internship, internship. But what if you don’t have time to dedicate to an internship or there isn’t one available in your area? Volunteering is the next best step. There are several benefits to volunteering:

  • Networking – There are so many different people you will work with when volunteering. Take this as an opportunity to start making connections with business professionals.
  • Experience – Volunteering provides you with hands-on experience that can be applied to your future career.
  • Impressions – Showing you are dedicated and can work hard makes a good impression on not only the people around you but also on your resume.

Taking the time to volunteer can help advance your future career goals. It is never too early to start making connections. The process of finding that perfect volunteering opportunity can be a struggle, but jere are some tips that will help you wisely chose a volunteer opportunity.

  •  Research the causes or issues important to you.
  •  Figure out what you are looking to get out of volunteering.
  •  What can you offer the organization?
  •  Find a volunteer opportunity that fits into your schedule.

Internships are very important to a future career, but sometimes they are just not feasible. Always remember that volunteering can be a way to gain experience, make connections and create impressions that last a lifetime.
For more tips on finding the volunteer opportunity you are looking for, check out:

Network For Good’s 10 tips on Volunteering Wisely

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