The Correlation between “good” writing and PR

By Amy Tiffany

I have been a Sports Reporter at The Daily Iowan since August 2010, as well as a  member of the James F. Fox chapter of PRSSA at the University of Iowa.
The two might not seem related, except that they are both considered areas of journalism, but I have discovered that the two are strongly correlated. The skills I’ve learned working at The Daily Iowan have been extremely valuable to my future goal of working in public relations. I have learned many applicable writing and communication skill that are necessary for a PR practitioner.
Since taking the Communication and Public Relation class in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the spring of my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to work in public relations. But to land that first PR internship and, eventually, land a job, I would need professional writing experience.
All of the internships I looked at asked for three to four writing clips along with my resume. Before this year, I wouldn’t have had any real, published clips to send them, but now I can say to them, “Sure!” I can write a 5 to 8 inch brief, or I can write a 25-inch longer article. I can write a profile, or a recap of an event. I have different styles of writing to give them.
Because of my work at the DI, I have dozens and dozens of clips to hand to future employers. The two — writing and my future profession, with my love of sports, have all tied together to give me unique experiences that give me writing and PR credentials upon graduation.
Having a variety of clips are necessary to send out, but the most important thing is, you have to be good writer. Good writing stands out above all else. If you can provide your dream company with a strong writing clip, you will be that much closer to landing an internship, and eventually, a PR job!


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