Utilize the internet to your advantage

By Janessa Hageman

We all know we should clean up our Facebook and get rid of that notorious keg stand picture but there is a lot more of what you can do to have a good internet image. The internet has so many possibilities, I know people seem to be passive on trying new things, but be an opinion leader instead of a follower. So here is my advice:

-Google yourself frequently. This is kind of odd, but it helps you know what is showing up and what is not. I found this website the other day on Twitter that has a Google Grader and I recommend trying it out here:

  • Sign up for Google alerts. Our speaker the other night brought this up, but actually sign up!
  • To help create more hits for yourself on Google, make sure you have a Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Digg, and so on. There is tons of social media out there, find out what you like and take part of it.
  • Join in on Twitter conversations. Use hash tags (#) and communicate to others by using the @ sign.
  • Create your own blog (Tumblr and WordPress are great free options!) You may want to buy your own domain name.
  • Look into free lancing and submitting articles to online journals, you may even make a little extra spending cash.
  • Use Facebook to your advantage. Here is a great article on how to find internship and job opportunities via Facebook.

All in all, never stop exploring the internet and getting involved. It allows you to learn but it can even create connections and will make you look important when an entire Google page is full of GOOD information about yourself.

Lastly, on a fun note, if you are looking for another time waster and sick of checking your Facebook with people telling you his or her schedule for the entire day, check out StumbleUpon. You can learn some interesting information.

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