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What PRSSA can do for YOU

What PRSSA can do for YOU:

  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Learn new practical PR skills
  • Prepare for your professional career (EX: Work on resumes and cover letters)
  • Listen to professional speakers who practice in the field today
  • Hear about available internships
  • Learn how to be a successful PR practitioner today
  • Hear first hand about the newest and latest trends in PR
  • Offer social media tips and tricks

“PRSSA is a great way to network and meet other students with the same goals,” President Brittany Caplin said.

“The best part of PRSSA is the opportunity to network and the availability of information about how to get a great internship,” Vice President Emily Ferguson said.

Secretary Kathryn Mickelson said she enjoys PRSSA because of the ability it has given her to network and gain real-world experience.

And finally, Public Relations Director Janessa Hageman said, “PRSSA is a great jump-start on finding your passion within all that is PR.”

Our question to YOU is:

  • What do you like about PRSSA?
  • What have you learned from PRSSA?

We’d love your feedback!


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