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5 Traits Every PR Professional Should Have

By Kristina Gonzalez

Knowing the characteristics and persona of a PR expert is one of the first steps in developing yourself as a future public relations practitioner in the “real world.”

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the world of public relations and communications?  Well, after reading what seems like a million articles on this topic, here are 5 traits every PR professional should have!

  1. Be tech-savvy. Social Media. Social Media. Social Media. Use it. Learn it. Master it. A person interested in PR can use social media to their advantage not only to market himself or herself, but also to show it off as a strength to potential employers. Check out this video to see how important social media is today!  
  2. Be a strong communicator. Be able to communicate clearly in writing and verbally. Not only that, but be a good listener. With any job in PR/Communications fields, you have to always be listening to clients, your boss, co-workers, and many more. Listening (as well as research and reading) can also help you catch onto new industry trends.
  3. With that being said, one must be “the anticipator”. This means — be flexible and creative. Things can change quickly, and you will have to think fast and use your creativity at all times, especially since nothing ever goes as planned. Always bring new ideas to the table. And always remember that nothing is set in stone. If I want to be cliché… “You gotta go with the flow.”
  4. Be self-disciplined.  Someone who is self-disciplined knows how to be timely, always meets deadlines, is goal oriented, and doesn’t sit around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. They are go-getters. In the PR world, this is necessary.
  5. Be someone that values relationships.  Networking is one of the most important aspects to finding a job or internship in public relations. This includes being a “people person.” Although the Internet and social media are great tools, face-to-face is always best. “Shmooze” — it’s always helpful to have someone you can contact for connections, which may help you land that internship or job.

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