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Seven Things to Do Over Winter Break

In 2009, the Iowa PRSSA blog posted Seven Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break. Here is the 2011 version, Part II (only for winter break).

  1. Start or update your LinkedIn account with your most current projects, skills, etc., that you gained throughout the fall semester
  2. Check out job/internship postings on HireaHawk/National PRSSA website
  3. Read and Write — Write a blog post for PRSSA, update your own blog/website, read a book, or do all three! Reading helps make better writers, and writing is important in PR!
  4. Catch up on current PR industry trends/hot topics
  5. Update your resume/write a cover letter
  6. Clean up your social media accounts
  7.  Take someone in your network out to coffee or reach out to someone new and take them out to coffee — They can give you new tips and tricks, and may help you out in the future!

The National PRSSA Blog created their own list of Six Ways to Get Ahead of the Game During Winter Break, and there is a lot of overlap. But there are different tips too, so check it out the link above. Take advantage of the class-free, homework-free time to work on your professional self!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Iowa PRSSA!

Note from Editor Amy Tiffany —I promise to keep the blog more up-to-date second semester. It was a HECTIC end of the fall semester. We have a lot going on the second half of the year, so there will be something for everyone!

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