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Seem Smarter on an Interview

By Alex Zaprdusky, PRSSA Communications Director

Ragan’s PR Daily recently posted a blog about the top ten tips for landing a dream PR job.  That list can be found here:  I agree with all of the items on that list, follow them.

The items Ragan’s PR Daily prescribed inspired me to create a list of: “Colloquialisms and Commonly Mispronounced Words to Avoid to Seem Smarter at an Interview!*” 

  •  Anyways: Drop the S!  “Anyways” is an incorrect Midwestern colloquialism.
  • Supposably/Supposively: Neither of those are words.  If you want to refer to something that is generally assumed, the word is supposedly (with a D).
  • Can-uh-date: If you are competing for a position you want to tell your employer that you are the best Can-da-date (candidate) for the job.
  • Ath-a-leet: If you plan to work in the sports industry, you are promoting ath-leets (athletes).
  • Off-ten: If something happens frequently, it happens “off-en” (often).

*Some of these were incorporated from:

3 thoughts on “Seem Smarter on an Interview

  1. The most important thing to remember is that you are aware of these “trigger words.” As colloquialisms, most people in the Midwest say them, so awareness lets you think about the words when you are interviewing — particularly in a different part of the country. Something that happened to me (not in an interview setting) was when my office mate brought her dog in to out office. I told him to “lay down” which his owner told me was incorrect and went into a whole speech about the difference between “lay” and the correct word, “lie.”

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