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If You Build It

By: Regina Volk

Tadros at his office in Chicago

“If you don’t love what you’re doing, you are wasting your time.” This was the message of founder and CEO Phillip Tadros of DoeJo Design and Consulting Firm to all PRSSA members at their chapter meeting on October 24, 2012.

Tadros is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and recipient of the 2012 Moxie award for best digital agency in the Chicago area. DoeJo does anything from brand development to sales and marketing to social media campaigns to video and photography and much more for all their clients.

While in college, Tadros realized that a degree wouldn’t get him where he wanted in life, so at age 19 he dropped out. He knew his vision was to open a bar or club, but being under the age of  21 made that impossible. Instead, Tadros opened up a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. Though the business didn’t ever turn much of a profit, he said he had a blast running it and was eventually able to sell it for a profit.

Tadros really pushed the idea to PRSSA members that opening up your own PR agency isn’t only possible, but should be aimed for as an ultimate goal. He asked PRSSA members to raise their hands if they wanted to open their own firm someday and only one person raised her hand.

“I had never really thought about opening up my own public relations agency someday until he made it sound like that should be our ultimate goal. He made it sound so easy. It may be something I’ll consider in the future,” senior Sarah Larson said.

After opening a music venue, Tadros started working in web design—and it began from there. Tadros has never had to advertise his business; it has always gained clients by word of mouth. DoeJo has had many successful clients such as New World Ventures, Groupon, Sandbox Agencies, Umbra and many more. They have also had 12 bumps on Adult Swim Network; all clients who went and found his business.

They never had to hire anybody special for media or public relations because they found that the trick is to document everything that they did, and the work will speak for itself. “We are really good at media and public relations. It isn’t something we just learned how to do, it was how we documented things and how to maintain relationships we have built,” said Tadros.

He also voiced his opinion on all sorts of clients that well have to work with throughout our  professional lives . He spoke on the importance of client-business relationships.  He spoke of having clients that you either mesh with or you don’t. He said that you can’t force a relationship, and sometimes as a business owner, he has had to ‘fire’ a client. This is something that business owners should never worry about doing.  Tadros explained that some things just don’t work and sometimes when you let something go, something even better will come along. It’s all about balancing what works and what doesn’t.

As CEO of Chicago’s digital media agency of the year, what kind of advice did Phillip Tadros leave us with?

“Figure out where you want to work. Got it? Go there and get a job. It’s as simple as that.”

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