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National Assembly Day One – 3 Ways to Find Success in PR

Joe Clarkson, 2012 college graduate and PRSSA alum, stands firm in the belief that networking is the key to success in the competitive world of PR. He accepted an internship and a job interview after attending National Assembly and National Conference during his days in PRSSA. He gives his fine-tuned networking skills all the credit.  “PRSSA is a goldmine for professional networking. Never miss an opportunity to extend your network,” he mentioned at the PRSSA National Assembly welcoming ceremony. His welcome speech to a room full of hopeful PR students highlighted three tips to finding success as a public relations professional.

1. Follow Up  The art of following up with professionals is crucial; don’t be afraid to let professionals help you!  Most professionals are more than willing to offer advice, mentorship, or even suggest job openings to students courageous enough to ask.  Clarkson mentioned that you’re set once you master the art of following up, even if it makes you feel as if you are “stalking” a professional or a company. Keeping your name on a company’s radar helps the company or specific professional remember you.

2. Be Human  It’s okay to crack a joke, smile and laugh in a professional setting.  Trying to keep it 100% professional, 100% of the time will scare people off.  Show off the real you and make connections while maintaining a balance between your outgoing personality and professionalism.

3. Go With Your Gut  College graduation is an overwhelming time with big decisions and awesome opportunities.  These awesome opportunities will only become reality if you are willing to take risks to make them happen.  Make the decision that you think is best for you, even if it’s the hardest to make.

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-Lauren Moore, PRSSA National Assembly Delegate