Four Ways You Can Be More Involved With PRSSA

By Ali Krogman

Joining a new organization can be scary, especially joining one that has over 50 members. It might seem hard to meet people and get involved, but taking that chance will benefit both you and the organization. PRSSA gives every member the opportunity to gain experience other than sitting at meeting and I encourage you to jump in!

Join a committee

Committees are a good first step toward further involvement in the organization. Committees make it easy to meet people on a personal level since the group is usually small. Involvement in a committee can also open doors to bigger positions within the organization.


Blogging is a way to expand the skills you’ll need in public relations, such as creativity and writing. PRSSA’s blog FOCUS allows you to be published on our website, which looks awesome to employers! Re-cap a meeting, tell us about your internship, or give advice from your experiences in public relations so far!


Inspire is a student-run PR firm within PRSSA. Members work with real-life businesses and professionals and help them with anything from the business’s social media to conducting research surveys about a business’s brand. Inspire is a great way to find meaningful experience and figure out if public relations interests you.


Socials are a good way to interact with other members in a less formal setting than meeting. They give you a chance to get to know your peers and network each other in a fun way.

Whether you’ll end up doing all of these, or one of these, it’s important to get the most out of your membership and create experiences to use in your college and professional career. PRSSA is full of fun, like-minded people who share the same passions and interests for PR!