First meeting in fall 2015

PRSSA is hosting their first meeting of the 2015 fall semester this Wednesday, September 9th at 7:30 pm in 140 SH. We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this semester including workshops, committees, socials and guest speakers. Our very first guest speakers, Adrian Brambila and Lauren Moore from Metro Studios in Cedar Rapids, will be attending this Wednesday.

Adrian Brambila, better known as El Tiro to his YouTube community of more than 55,000 subscribers, is a professional marketing specialist and popping dancer, with major knowledge on YouTube, SEO, and all things digital marketing.  Everyday Adrian uses his passion for dance and creativity, to learn, teach, and do great work for his clients at Metro Studios and for millions on YouTube.  That’s right, millions.

Lauren is a PRSSA Alum, who at this time last year was standing in your shoes as a student and soon to be graduate.  She’s taken her love for PR and knack for style and begun her post grad journey with Metro Studios and her own fashion/lifestyle website, Ellie Jai.  Together these two outlets are building a work and life opportunity she couldn’t have envisioned a year ago daydreaming in an Adler classroom.   

Together Adrian and Lauren will share why work is not just a place to hang out between 8-5pm.  Work/life/your career is it is a continuous opportunity to do great work, learn and expand talents every single day, while also pursing passions and learning to set yourself apart.