Public Relations, Here I Come!

“You can be whoever you want to be.” I apparently took this advice and ran, for whenever I thought about my future, I only imagined the end goal. I went through the typical stages that I’m sure everyone has . . . chef, doctor, lawyer, CEO, writer, and, of course, the President of the United States. I was inspired and in awe of the titles, the prestige, and the image of what Hollywood made them out to be. To be honest, I believed I could succeed in many of these positions; not just because I was young, naïve, and probably too confident, but because I prided myself in my writing, interpersonal ability, and love for public speaking. Yet, as I began my journey into college life, my ambition soon turned to confusion, for when the time had come, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue.

However, after going through the University’s education catalog one too many times, I finally decided to refocus on the passions that made me motivated in the first place. I declared a major in Communication Studies, expanding on my ability to talk . . . a lot. Once I had that under control, I quickly gained momentum-acquiring a Writing Certificate-and suddenly I was diving head first into the world of Public Relations. My path was becoming clear, and I now feel confident in my future, excited almost. I can finally envision a life for myself after college, where I will be working, hopefully, at a corporation in Chicago . . . writing, speaking, and always talking.

– Emily Creery